Vehicle Wraps FAQ:

What are the benefits of wrapping my vehicle vs paint?

Wrapping your vehicle allows you to NOT have the cost or commitment of paint. Wrapping your vehicle is significantly cheaper then a proper paint job and can be easily removed without damaging the surface of your paint. It also allows you to have endless possibilities that the manufacturer does not offer.

How long will a full color change wrap take?

Depending on the size of the vehicle and the details of the wrap job it can vary per install. Generally, we like to have the vehicle from 4 days to a week depending on the intensity of the wrap. We will give you a proper estimated timeframe before the wrap installation.

Can the wrap be removed?

Yes, the wrap can be removed from you vehicle. This allows you to NOT have the commitment of paint. Removing the wrap will not cause damage to the paint, as long as the paint was originally in good condition.  We do not recommend you removing the wrap yourself as this could cause damage.

How long will the wrap last for?

If you take good care of your wrap with proper cleaning then the wrap can last for 5 years and still be easily removed within those 5 years. Of course with proper care and attention the wrap can last much longer then 5 years but we can not guarantee an easy removal due to the length of time.

How do I clean my wrap?

We recommend hand washing your vehicle with a soft cloth or synthetic or natural sponge with a mild soapy water solution.  Rinse thoroughly with clean water. We do NOT recommend using touchless car washes due to the high water pressure.  Automatic car washes are also NOT recommended as the brushes may scratch the wrap or catch one of the edges. Using a pressure washer is ok as long as the tip does not come 12 inches from the surface and avoid spraying near edges especially at an angle.

How much does it cost to wrap my vehicle?

Dues to the variety of vehicles and different sizes each full coverage wrap must be discussed and vehicle seen before an accurate price can be given. It can also depend on whether you want door jambs done, chrome delete or any extra touches. Please contact us by phone, email or in person at our shop for a full color change quote.