What We Do.


Change the color of your vehicle WITHOUT THE COST OR COMMITMENT of paint!

Not only can you get the custom look you want, a vinyl wrap will PROTECT the original paint underneath it. The whole process is reversible, so if you feel like changing it up in a year, or even 5 years later, the paint will have not aged a day. Using the highest quality vinyl wrap available, we can completely or partially change the colour of your vehicle for a totally new and customized look. Available in a huge variety of colors, gloss/satin/matte finishes, chrome, or even textures such as brushed metal/carbon fiber/wood grain/leather and more. Come in today to see a full selection.

Factor AutoFilm is proud to be a Certified Wrap Install facility for Avery Dennison achieving the highest quality standards in wrap installation techniques, giving you the confidence that your car is being wrapped right the first time!

This BMW had a full color change wrap with 3M’s new Gloss Flip Psychedelic. A color that truly loves the sun!

Vehicle Wrap FAQ


We offer a variety of ways that you can customize your vehicle to make it stand out from the rest.  These are some of the services we can provide:

  • Hood Wrap
  • Roof Wrap
  • Chrome Delete
  • Interior Wrap
  • Custom Decals & Signage

This is not limited to only vehicles but we can do custom accents on boats, motorcycles, ATV, snowmobiles and more.

It’s inevitable… You can’t stop the oncoming traffic from throwing rocks or the vehicle in front of you from sandblasting the front of your car, but you CAN stop the debris from hitting your paint!

Paint Protection Film is armour for you paint. Virtually invisible, this clear poly-urethane film is designed to protect the surface of you car from the abuse of everyday driving. Our PPF is SELF-HEALING, meaning it will always look new, no more worrying about swirl marks or scratches. Available in a gloss or matte finish.

Whether you want only the most vulnerable areas covered or the whole car protected, we have a PPF package that can fit your budget.



Window tint can enhance the look and feel of every vehicle. Whether you want tint to make your car look classy or want to black it out to hide personal belongings, there’s always a good reason to have tint on your car.

Cut out the searing heat, add privacy, protect your interior, and look good… Window Tint gives you the whole package!


Clearplex is an invisible film applied to windshields to prevent glass damage.  This reduces the cost of replacing your windshield while giving you clear, strong and smooth protection for whatever the road may throw at you.